Yuya Matsushita’s Naturally


Yuya Matsuhshita

This is one of my favourite songs by him

Yuya Matushita  was a solo artist in Japan. I discovered his music by chance one day when I was Youtube. I remember him giving an interview for an event in America. I forget the name of it. I wanted to know more about him because in Japan I can’t name any solo male artists who have a long successful career. Only boy bands or rock bands come to mind. There is the exception of j-pop male group members doing solo stuff but I don’t count it.  you know I can count on my hand alone of how many female singers they are in Japan and when it comes male singers it’s difficult.

Yuya being a solo artist came as a surprise to me. He wasn’t apart of any group until now when I found out he joined a group. It’s a shame honestly, I thought he had a lot to offer. He sings ,dances, acts and has musical stage experience. He played the black butler in the black butler musical! He had some decent songs along with a fan following on twitter and tumblr. I don’t seem to know what went wrong. It looks like  having a solo career in Japan for guys doesn’t last long. I hope he still continues to make music and I wish him luck with his new group.

Leave me your thoughts down below for any possible reason why are guys having a  hard time being soloist in Japan? Maybe it has to with the fact there’s a lot of idol groups dominating the charts. Or being in a group you have more a chance to get noticed.

p.s This is an old post I didn’t upload because I had forgotten about it. I know I have been on a long hiatus but I have some thoughts I want to share so look forward to my quick return. I have two posts I have in my mind I want to write about.  again I’ll see you guys in the next post




Vixx’s Fantasy


Vixx has made their comeback with fantasy. To be honest this isn’t the song I thought it was going to be. I felt the song l was lacking in some areas. They should have added more feelings of epic-ness to the whole song.  Maybe adding  more orchestral music and opera vocals would’ve added another layer of intensity to the song. Overall I enjoyed the aesthetics in the video.

Vixx I feel has come a long since their early days. Their earlier songs were lighter on the ears and also on the eyes. When I heard some of their early material Vixx could have gone another way. Songs like Rock Ur Body sounded like any they could have been performed by any other  boy group. It wasn’t until they released On and On  that Vixx started to make a name for themselves in the K-pop music scene. On and On was the song that lit the flame for their future concepts. And who knows what music they would be doing if not for that song? So far it’s working out great for them which makes me happy.

Their latest release is apart of a three-part album series called conception. The title for this  album is called hades inspired by the god of underworld. This single is the second in the conception series and fans are eagerly waiting or the next single. Reason being the conception series is tied in with greek myths god and legends the final single will reveal a complete conclusion of the conception series.

Having a three music videos with a story isn’t something new. BTS earlier have proven to be successful with their 3 music videos to tell a story too. Now they are known very well internationally gaining a huge fan base. In my opinion BTS’s concept was pulled really well. The videos kept you’re interest especially for those who wanted decipher the meaning behind each video. I’ve seen so many theories online which proves they were absolutely successful in attracting  fans to the group. A really clever way to  get fans interested . Also MONSTA X are doing a bit of storytelling in their new releases too. Therefore I believe Vixx will also achieve a similar result.

Anyways I just wanted to say I know have been posting a about music these days , I want to share songs I listen to and used to listen to other people because I want share them with others . It may look like I listen to a lot of music honestly I don’t listen to many songs as I used too. When I look back at the songs I used to listen to it was a lot! So it may look like I listen to a lot music but in reality I’m just posting songs I listen from my teenage days ^^. I’m going to try to mix the music posts with other posts so it doesn’t look like I post about music all the time. I am trying complete more music posts but I haven’t had the time to do so.

If you  like my music posts please tell me so. I’m no sure if anyone is enjoying them. Also if you’re a Vixx fan please tell me if you’re enjoying the conception series or tell me your favourite Vixx songs I would love to know! ^_^

See you in the next post Bye!






Wooyoung’s Rose



I found this song by completely by accident. Wooyoung from 2PM is my favourite member from the group. I didn’t follow 2PM in their earlier days though I did used to watch their clips on Youtube from Korean TV shows. His dance skills are hilarious! ^^

Anyways I had no idea Wooyoung did solo stuff outside of 2PM. I really like this song it’s uplifting and cheery. The dance I think also matches the song too. Plus I love his quirky lego bowtie! I wonder if you can buy them online?

see you next time!


My pet cat Sasha/ Sasha’s origin story

Today’s post is dedicated to my wonderful cat Sasha. I recently read a fellow blogger’s post about what kind of pet they wanted  to own. I ended up with having the thought of introducing my cat Sasha on my blog. This will be my cat’s official debut so please welcome with her open arms!

Sasha’s the kind of cat that likes to be independent. No matter how many times I try to put her on my lap she refuses to. She likes to have her personal space. For example she may sit beside on my bed at a distance away. At first I didn’t like it but now I’m used to it after understand this is way Sasha is. One of the cute things Sasha does is call for me when she’s hungry. She sticks on my leg meowing for food. She even sits on my bed keeping me company when I have a bad cold. Like all cats Sasha really hates having to take a bath no matter how many she shows us she can lick herself clean she always gets a soaking. hehehe ^^. All in all I’m happy to have  a cat like Sasha . Now let’s get on with her origin story!


Introducing my cat Sasha aka Sasha baby, sushi roll ,sunshine ,little ginger MC Sasha , the one with mahou fur etc

Sasha entered my life when I was 12 years old. Things were bad for us here at home because we had mice infestation and every night was filled with fear of mice running around the house. Therefore it was decided by my parents that we should get a cat. Which worked out perfectly because I always wanted a cat ever since I was a little girl. As a child I owned a cat toy  with a leash which I dragged outside on the streets. It was a white cat called snowball.

Ever since then I was a fan of cats. Dogs were never really for me. I did start to grow fond dogs more as I grew older. My ideal dog is a husky because they’re so fluffy and cute. Also I think they’re really protective with a nice personality. Big on the outside gentle on the inside.

Anyways I remember we starting our search  in the newpaper for people who were selling cats. We had no idea about how to go about buying a pet cat until my uncle came to our rescue. You see my uncle is really big animal lover. My mom would tell me stories about my uncle driving far off in the early hours of the morning  to a farm to buy a dog. Every month a new dog was tied to a post outside the house.

My uncle also really loved birds. He once brought home a large parrot which talked. My uncle had many pets which he brought home to my mom and the family. I can’t remember most of them so far this is as much I can recall.

When we told my uncle we were in the market for cat he knew exactly where to look for one. I didn’t really get a chance to look to go out with my uncle to personally choose neither did my family. I was in school at the time when my uncle chose to look for a cat on one of the farms. We as a family were busy with  our own lives so we left the choice to my grandmother and my aunt who we are really close with to decide on a cat. After a couple of trips to some farms and a small discussion our cat Sasha arrived just before Christmas.

I remember it was one day during me and my  brother’s  summer holidays. we were waiting for my uncle’s car to pull up front in the street from my window. We both sat waiting for our newest family member to arrive. Finally my uncle’s car pulled up in front out came my aunt who held a small cardboard box. My mom answered the door for them as my uncle and aunt both came up with the cardboard box. My aunt carried the box into the  into the living room and out sprang a little ginger cat scurrying behind the TV. My uncle laughed at the sight, he shortly left after meeting us. My aunt also went on her way to do some shopping.

Then we were left with the cat hiding behind the TV.  We had no clue what to do with her. we’ve never taken care of a pet in our lives apart from my mom. Even though she had taken care dogs cats were different and it had been a long time since she had a pet. We went on with our day until my grandma came over wanting to see the new cat. She was the only one who got her to eat and drink something. We were all too afraid until she arrived.

From then on the day was pretty hectic. We suddenly lost Sasha on the first day. We went into panic mode looking in every corner of our house until we found her in the bedroom hiding behind the TV. We then tried putting a collar around her neck with was a bad idea. She strongly opposed it. She spent a good few minutes biting it off. Eventually we took it off letting her be. To top it all off Sasha then had a small accident on the ground from all the attention we gave her.

Really it was a tough day however very memorable for me and my family. Having a pet in our lives was a dream I didn’t think was going to be possible.  Now it will be around 10 years since we’ve had Sasha be apart of our lives and she’s still lively playful and cute as ever.


Here’s to more fun times!

see you guys later! ^_^

Sweet girl by B1A4

Hi everyone!!!!! \^.^/ I’m back with another music post. I’m planning to share more songs on my blog soon in the future. I recently made a list of artists I listened to in my teen years and  honestly it’s not a huge list because I would listen to a lot their songs rather than listening to a whole range of different artists.

Now that’s out the way I can now introduce the song in this post. Sweet girl was one of my favourite songs which was released by B1A4 in 2015.

There were so many songs released in 2015 it’s as shame this song got lost in the mix. This is one of my favourites of 2015 because the video for me went back to the early days of K-pop and  also it’s just sooooooo cute and fluffy. ^^  Except for being the girl being chased by Baro. I recall the last song I enjoyed by B1A4 was What’s happening?. Other than that I didn’t listen to a lot of their other releases.


My favourite scene from the music video has to be when the girl dances with Gongchan. It reminds me of Cinderella as it was one the movies I used to watch often as a child. The scene where cinderella dances with the price always felt magical to me. ^^

Please tell me down in the comments below which romantic situation would like to be with one of the members of B1A4? Whether it’s being amazed by CNU’S magic tricks or being pursued by Baro (hehehe). Please let me know and I’ll see you in the next post.

BYE !!!!